There was not a thing we would have been changed. Everything was PERFECT! The staff was amazing, attentive and on top of every little detail.

Brian & Mandi Lynn Jessie

January 21, 2017


Imagine inviting your guests out on our deck for a celebratory toast or group photo, and then suprising them with an amazing fireworks display. It's something we do regularly with our partnering vendor, Young Explosives. If you're using Visa Versa Entertainment and weather permits, they'll have a remote speaker outside and set the show to music. (If you work with a band it would be worth asking if they can do the same)

One of the nice things about the Lodge is that there's a great view of the fireworks inside and out, so if the Central New York weather is not what you had hoped for, the fireworks can be launched in snow or rain and your guests will still have a spectactular view.

Visit for more information about what they do, and check out the gallery below to see photos of their display at past events.